Thursday, May 20, 2010

#188: We Got The Beat

What do I know about Peaches? Fuck and indeed also all. Seriously. This was a band that definitely slipped past my own radar, but, according to the only web-site information I can find, Peaches were an, “All-girl Sydney group Peaches scored a hit in September, 1978 with a cover version of Clout's 'Substitute'. Peaches' drummer Nanci 'Huck' Kaye previously played with Suzi Quatro.”

Well done. What I do know is that these gals are about as sexy as the average house plant. For some perverse reason they kind of remind me of someone’s older sister, done up for a night out on the pop, complete with the slap trowelled on and the hair all flicked up. I just can’t get excited by this image, they’re just, well, asexual to me. If this is supposed to be seductive poses, well, God help them. The one to the right is lifting her leg in some kind of a Bus Stop pose, that is if Bus Stop featured an elk. Beats me what the vocalist is doing and it beats me what the other girl in the red is up to, and the last one, well, she looks like she’s dressed up to sell Avon door to door.

Bring back the Go-Go’s. I’ve always wanted to thank Belinda Carlisle for getting me through puberty intact, on the basis of the fountain scene in Our Lips Are Sealed.  Sorry girls, especially the elfin Jane Wiedlin, upon whom Natalie Imbruglia based her entire look and sound upon, it was always Belinda for me.  I've always said that I have unobtainable Goddesses and Belinda was at the top of that tree, along with Kate Bush.  Yeah, go ahead, tell me that the photo is airbrushed and photoshopped.  Like I give a rats arse?  I think not.

Still, better to lust from afar than to never have lusted at all.  Ahhhh yes, can you hear them? They’re talking about us, telling lies, well that’s no surprise. Can you see them? See right through them, they have no shield, no secrets to reveal. It doesn't matter what they say, in the jealous games people play….Alex the seal….Alex the seal…

Trivia time – what’s the connection between the Go-Go’s and legendary Canadian punk band D.O.A? Bet you can’t guess.

Ahhh screw it. Here - have the answer already.

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