Saturday, March 11, 2006

I Did It Myself

Was the catch cry for the latest rort/scam.

We had a tenant phone a few weeks back asking that her house be painted on the inside only, as her kids had smeared excrement all over it. A quick check showed that the house wasn't due to be re-painted until about 2009, so we said, nope, sorry, can't be done.
"I'll get it done myself then." she answered. Fine, we said, as long as you don't bill us and you pay for it, we don't care. So off she toddled and rang some couple who specialize in doing affordable house-painting, got them in, got a quote and got the house painted. So far so good?


You see our tenant posed as a totally different person. The painter asked if she owned the home, she replied yes and to work they went. She doesn't own the home. The painter then sent the bill to her only to have it come right back with a 'Not at this address' stamp on it. The painter is confused, sends another invoice. Same result. You see she gave a false name. He then drives around to the house and places the invoice in the mail box. Same result. He then does a property/title search and discovers he's been had - it's one of our places. He then calls us on the phone and demands to know the tenants name. We can't tell him due to privacy laws. He's screaming. We suggest that he call the police. I did, he screams. It's a civil matter and they won't tell me her name either. By this stage he starts to break down in front of me. I run a small business, he says. It's going under because of people like her. I'm sorry,we just can't give out those details, we'll be in all kinds of trouble. He files a FOI form (not that it'll do any good) and off he goes.

I got a call from a pal of mine in the force. "Do you know anything about a Mr. ____?" Yep, I say and tell him the story from our end. Why?
"It appears that he's gone back to her house and started a scene. She's phoned us, we've gone out there and she's screamed through the windows: 'Don't tell him my name!!' Messy eh?" Yep, I say. What happens now?
"Nothing we can do. Poor bastards been ripped off by one of yours." Yep, I say. Happens every day.

Anyone out there in Current Affair land and wants a good story, just let me know. Honest builder, dodgy tenant. She knew exactly what she was doing, she knew the rort, played the scam and as a result has put some poor bastard out of pocket by a few grand. This will more than likely ruin him, not that she cares.

After all, her house is nice and freshly painted.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Legend Grows

You'd not read it anywhere else but here. Both I Sick and her darling hubby threw, you guessed it, sickies for the day. I wonder where they went shopping. Add to that the fact that when she's faced with work that she might not be able to do she just hides it and hopes no-one will notice. The result of that was an irate customer at the counter today and another on the phone - where are our details? they screamed. Buggered if we know we replied. Eventually we explained the situation and tracked down the missing files and registrations, located under a box on a bottom shelf. I Sick not only refuses to file, she's now refusing to work. There you go.

That's two full weeks of work gone since the beginning of the year, plus a handful of half days. As it stands I'm, once again, left to do both my job and hers because she doesn't want to come in and nobody has the guts to pull her up on it. Still I was angry and unhappy enough today to let a few choice comments loose and I think that they had an impact.

I found out my new region and I'm not happy, but there you go. I've placed a set of unreasonable demands on my acceptance, so I guess I won't be going anywhere in a hurry. It's not the work, it's the fact that I'm being forced to accept yet another region that'll see me traveling for 4 hours a day to get there and get home. I'm just sick of it. HR are lying to me - they tell me I'm the only one left, I know it's a lie. They refuse to take some people away from regions, or pull them away from contracts, but I'm not allowed to accept anything until they say so. Still I managed to turn the tables somewhat, and I did get HR screaming at me on the phone, the first time I've seen her ruffled. Good thing too.

One rule for some, another rule for others. Welcome to the Government!