Saturday, May 17, 2014

#310: Tony The Toothless Tiger

I just can't work people out. I'm seeing and reading comments from the same clowns who, a mere fortnight ago, were applauding Tony Abbott for his 'fine' work in keeping asylum seekers out of the country by putting them in a concentration camp on Manus Island and voted him in on his lies are now calling for his head because of the Budget. I guess you have to give Abbott credit in one area - he's been consistent with his punishment of everyone and anyone who isn't wealthy. He said he'd 'stop the boats' - he hasn't, he just stopped telling people about them - and the masses roared in approval. He ran on a platform of xenophobia, hatred and lies, and the masses rushed out to vote for him. But now the shoe is on the other foot and people realise that Abbott isn't just the 'saviour' of the 'great white Australian way' and that he will be taking money from the unemployed, the elderly, the sick and poor, those same people who cheered him on and elected him are seeing the light. Tony has bitten them on the arse, as the majority of voters knew he would.

If you supported Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party because of their racist and draconian policies, if you believed him both before, during and after the election when he stood there and said "No new taxes, no cuts to Education, Medicare, the ABC or pensions," and you voted for him and his party, then you're getting EXACTLY what you voted for. Those of us who voted against him, and have been rallying against him since the election (some at the cost of their own jobs and futures, as Tony hates anyone who points out his flaws) knew what was coming.

This sums Abbott up perfectly. In the Budget he cut $25,000,000 from the Neo-Natal unit at Finders Hospital, but he approved $20,000,000 for a rugby team in Sydney to build a new ground. If only ONE child loses a life because of this cut then ask yourself, is watching rugby worth that baby's life? 

He's cut education but approved $200,000,000 (that's TWO HUNDRED MILLION) to ensure that Chaplains are placed in every school. Not for counselling, but for theological reasons. Your kids, no matter what religion they are, will be educated in good, old fashioned Christianity. If your kids are at school, you'll have no say in it.  Suck it up and deal with it. 

He's cut billions from health and education, but approved 24 billion dollars to buy war planes that don't exist and will be made in America.  No jobs will be created in Australia with that 24 billion, but plenty will be created in the countries that will manufacture the parts and assemble them. 

He wants people to get a job, but has cut welfare and job creation to the point where a new underclass of homeless people will be present, and they'll all be under the age of 30. By telling people under the age of 30, by targeting those vulnerable people who have just left school and are trying to break into an already depressed job market that they'll have to wait 6 months before getting ANY kind of a benefit will increase crime rates.  You can count on that. But Abbott doesn't care for that - he has to pay for those planes.

And then there's the 'upgrades' to the Lodge, the official PM's residence where he lives. How much will that cost? He refuses to say. It's 'confidential'. You work it out.

Next time don't be so bloody keen to vote in an absolute liar. He's treating the Australian people in the exact same way that's treating asylum seekers - with sheer and utter contempt. You are beneath him. And if you think he's EVER going to keep a promise from now on, or if ANYONE associated with his party will, then you're a bigger fool than even you know.

Ponder that at the next election.