Friday, March 19, 2010

#154: Never Ending Story II

A lot of people keep asking me how am I going to vote, or at least are trying to influence my vote, tomorrow. I say to them all, forget about it. My mind is made up and I know this much – I’ll be voting for neither Labor nor Liberal, nor will I be voting for any of the minor parties. That’s right, for the first time in my life I can’t find a single candidate worthy of a vote. For once I can’t find a single redeeming feature in any of the politicians on offer and I fully agree with the words of the late Peter Cook when he stated, "Why vote? It'll only encourage them." Why is this?

Several factors have influenced me during this horrendous election campaign. I’ve seen some utterly offensive material, from the foetuses on posters and the moron who claims that they’re not what they’re clearly designed to be, the same moron who then says that women should not have any say over their own destinies or bodies – “Vote for me and abortion will be outlawed!” I wasn’t aware that it was 1932 all over again, down to the part where the candidate had his crew stake out his own posters so he could find people defacing them with the view of prosecution. So much for free speech, the candidate is an utter disgrace. And he's only one of the maddening crowd.

Labor are a joke right now. We’re told that they’ve done so much for the state and are fit to run it, when the reality is that they can’t successfully run a public transport service. If you doubt me then visit Melbourne. The public transport system there is a delight – buses, trains and tams, all running on time and indeed there’s a call for heads to roll if two trains in a row are two minutes late. Here we’re faced with buses that either never appear, or are so behind that they can be considered early in some cases. Just this morning I waited for 30 minutes in a so called ‘Go Zone’ (guaranteed buses every 15 minutes) only to be placed onto a packed bus with a driver who clearly felt that if he drove over twenty kilometres per hour then he’d be pulled over. No wonder it was late. Behind him were three other buses on the same route, all empty. Work that out. And we’re to trust the same cretins to run the state, the same idiots who believe there’s no issue with the current public tansport system? Please!

Liberal aren’t any better. They’re running on a campaign slogan of ‘Redmond Is Ready’. I have no idea what she’s ready for, because, going on her announced policies, she’s certainly not ready to run the state either. Their policies are ill thought out, and in some cases, utterly absurd. For example, as I’ve pointed out previously, their housing policy, clearly written to pander to the talkback radio crowd, advocates breaking and entering by government employees in regards to public housing. They’ve announced several policies that they’ve not costed, the ones they have come to an amazing $2,800,000,000 (that's 2.8 BILLION dollars). You can add a few more hundred million dollars to that for the policies that they've announced that they've not costed, but then the Liberals are throwing policies around like a pack of grannies throwing their undercrackers at a Tom Jones concert. What’s the bet none of them will go ahead? As sure as Geelong will play in the AFL finals this season. What makes it even worse is that one of their star candidates is none other than a former Federal minister who once took her boyfriend to France for a birthday dinner. At the taxpayers expense. At the same time the minister left her husband at home. Who knew nothing about what was going on. And the minister knew full well that the boyfriend was the lead suspect in a high profile murder case. You know the one, it was in the papers recently when the boyfriend sued a few media outlets for defamation, and lost, and had the police admit, yet again, under oath, that he was still the lead suspect in a high profile murder case. And the Liberals put this person up as a bastion of family values. Next we’ll be hearing that Kinko The Clown is going to head up Child’s Services and Brendan Abbott will be in charge of Correctional Services.

The minor parties are full of the usual F’Tang F’Tang Ole Biscuit Barrels, aka Candidates Without A Clue. The only ones that remain consistent are the Marijuana Party, aka HEMP, who keep advocating dope for all. Considering some of the insane announcements from all parties I can’t help but think they got what they were asking for. Gone are the days when we'd seen candidates with names like Snake Plissken, now they're all hyphenated, wear suits and take themselves very seriously and a vote for any of these idiots (minor parties) is a wasted vote anyway, the way the political system is structured in this country there is no such thing as a viable third party – we operate on a two party system, hence a vote for a minor party is a vote for one of the majors, it just depends on where the preference is aligned to. The best that a minor party can offer is entertainment and novelty value, past that there’s nothing. If they do win office they’re generally too stunned to be effective, or make deals to become speaker of the house and ultimately show us the depths of their mental illnesses. Brilliant. In the meantime we have a member of the Family First party being accused of being a deadbeat dad by a daughter that he claims isn’t his, along with another kid that he wants blood tests for, but admits that he has sired seven kids and possibly an eight, somewhere, and has another four that he’s adopted. That’s family first alright, leading by example. God help us all, as the bar hasn’t been lowered for candidates, it’s been removed completely and the lunatics are merely walking through the dust. It appears that if you can speak, sprout buzzwords and haven’t got any real opinions then you’re prime for pre-selection.

So what is the answer? Strong leadership would be the first place to start. I can’t find a single person that trusts the incumbent leadership, and that has nothing to do with any alleged affairs he might have, or not of had, at any point in his life. He’s not trusted due to recent displays of arrogance. There’s no independent corruption commission in this state because the Premier doesn’t deem such an agency necessary. This is despite the several examples of cronyism that can be found in various departments, ranging from Workcover through to Correctional Services and beyond. Nothing amiss there, naturally, but a lot of people have been able to set themselves up very nicely over the past decade solely by cashing in on their contacts. And let’s not mention ministers who remain in office after committing crimes that would see the general public locked up for a long time. Nothing amiss there either. And they wonder why the faith has been lost, or perhaps they don’t. There’s denial on many levels with this election campaign.

Is there a strong leader in the wings? Funnily enough there is on both sides. On the side of Labor the strong leader is a guy who was banished to the backbench a while back for being too pro-active and actually apologising for a very public mistake, which wasn’t his doing. You can work out who he is, needless to say I’d vote for him. For the Liberals the strong leader is whiling his days away contemplating a run as Lord Mayor of Adelaide, an utter waste of his political nonce and international experience and contacts. The Libs would do worse than to entice the guy out of retirement, ask him to stand, and he’d win, and then unite the party, which, funnily enough, he could easily do. He might have been a laughing stock at the Federal level, but at the State level I firmly believe he could easily do the job and be a benefit for the state, if only to bring some sanity to the state, the first such sanity for a long time.

God help me for saying this, but Alexander Downer and Jay Weatherall, for Christs sake, please step forward – this state desperately needs you both to take a hands on approach. Storm the gates of Parliament and bring us back to our rightful glory before it’s far too late. I know that Downer is considered to be a joke in a lot of circles, but step back just for a second and think, can you think of anyone in the Federal arena who was as passionate about South Australia as he? And as for Weatherall, we all know the main reason why he was dumped - he was becoming a bit too popular...time to seize the day matey! As bad as each of them might be, they are the best out of a bunch of coconuts and would clearly do more than any of the peanuts that we have to pick from this coming Saturday.

So I won't vote, but that doesn't mean I won't make my mark in the box. Watch this space.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

#153 Never Ending Story

I can’t say I was rightly amused when I saw the news that the son of two of the most notorious people in the state at the moment was in court charged with assault – with weapons. After all, considering that the father is now a confessed assaulter (that being he pleaded guilty to assault, so the events are no longer alleged) and the mother is a self-confessed adulterer (that being that she’s admitted to having at least one extra-martial affair, so those events are only alleged on the side of the male, but not on her side – go figure) and both parties providing the opposition party with some much needed (allegedly) free publicity in the form of a car crash on feet, there as always the chance that they’d stay in the media somehow. After all did anyone believe that the Awful Woman’s supposedly ‘last ever’ interview would be the last time we’d hear from them? Oh please! And frankly it’s getting tiresome seeing the puff pieces that are being run. I’d really like it for one of the Lunchtime O’Boozes to actually do their job and start digging some dirt on this woman and ask some serious questions, in particular, was this the first, or indeed the only, extra-martial affair that she’s had and why is it that she cannot provide any solid evidence? Ain’t going to happen though. When the media decide who to back then journalistic standards are thrown out the window.

What frustrated me the most was the utterly insane comments from the Admitted Assaulter on the steps of the same courthouse where he’d pleaded guilty to assault only a few weeks before. According to the Admitted Assaulter, the only person to blame for the son allegedly beating the living suitcase out of another man, while "armed with a knife, baseball bat, hammer and spear". Where I come from that’s enough to have a person locked up. In this family it’s nothing but an aberration and the son isn’t to blame, it’s the state Premier. According to the Admitted Assaulter, the son had been affected, strongly by an alleged affair his mother claims she had with the Premier - which the Premier denies ever occurred, an alleged affair that ‘destroyed his family’ and ‘took its toll’ on the son. The Admitted Assaulter then went on to say that, "(the son) has watched the emotional, psychological and physical breakdown of the family... obviously, any teen is going to have some issues with that situation," he said. He's never been in trouble before ... if it had not been for the (alleged affair) issue, we would not be here."

Oh please. Cut me some slack and grow the fuck up already! To lay blame solely on one person in this case is nothing but the actions of a desperate or delusional person. If it were my kid I’d be blaming a number of issues, the child first and foremost, and at the age of 18 the child isn’t a child anymore and is responsible for his own actions, but blame should also fall upon the mother – she had the alleged affair after all – and the father, who, by bashing the Premier with a rolled up newspaper, brought this whole situation out into the public eye. Not to mention the numerous interviews, paid and otherwise, press conferences and media appearances conducted by both parties since that date. But no, according to the father, the blame lies with the Premier. I’d like to know what world he lives in.

Perhaps some anger management classes are in order here. The father gets done for assault; the son allegedly does the same. Both allegedly used weapons to enhance the assault and, in the case of the father at least, the assault come from behind and with no warning. That takes courage, to hit a man while he’s not looking.

All this has done is made me realise that the world and this election in particular, has gone to shit. There’s times when I wonder if I’d be better off out of it as I have absolutely no comprehension of which way is up and what is right and wrong anymore. With the election we have several parties, none of which have a clue as to what the general public want, engaging in the usual dirty tricks and making a mockery of Parliament. We have the incumbent party, so out of touch it’s not funny, and a party which wants to win but has no policies that make sense and seemingly no direction or home. It used to be easy, vote for the lesser of the two evils, but now there is no lesser, both are as bad as each other. We go to the vote this weekend and for the first time in my life I have no desire to vote for either party and as such I shan't vote. What I will do is enter the booth with a black marker pen and write a message, thus recording my protest vote for eternity. Then I’ll post an image of my words for the world to see.

Will it make any difference? Absolutely not. No politician cares a whit for what I think, nor my views, dreams, hopes or ambitions, nor do they care for yours either. All they want is to rule, get the perks, get the massive pension and the public can be damned. There shall be abuse this weekend at the polling booths, and God help them if I see the Awful Woman and the Admitted Assaulter when I walk in – after all I might give him a chance and tell him I’m about to let loose, but if I never see these people again then it’ll be none too soon. However this sordid saga is far from finished, and while one party can pay individuals via third parties, to engage in a strong (negative) campaign, then this will continue to drag itself across the papers like the limping dog it is.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

#152: (I’m A) Roadrunner

Way back when, and I mean really when, someone higher than I ever would be decided that the vehicles we had were merely a money pit. To that end the decision was made to flog them off to the highest bidder, with the hopes that anyone would bid. Once the wheels were set in motion action started taking place. “First things first,” said the Person In Charge, “we need to know exactly how many vehicles we’re talking about.” Having made the first move the PIC then charged the Official Vehicle Counter to, well, count them all. Now that the parameters were clearly defined and the project scoped, the OVC went in, armed with a clipboard and a few Underlings. At this stage all vehicles were garaged in the one central location, barring any vehicle that was garaged off site, always accounted for. But this time that mattered nowt.

The OVC and the Underlings made their count at the end of the week, tallied their results and realised an Amazing Thing. The OVC then counted the vehicles directly and oddly enough the Amazing Thing happened again – several hundred cars were missing. Gone. “Gone my arse,” cried the PIC, “some bastard has STOLEN THEM! FIND THEM OR YOU'RE FUCKED MY SON!!” The hunt was now on for the missing Several Hundred Cars.

For a brief, flickering second sanity prevailed and the PIC contacted the Official Caretaker Of Vehicles and asked for an explanation. “Nothing has been stolen,” said the OCOV, “the vehicles are all accounted for.” “But,” said the PIC, “they’re not where they should be.” “That’s because,” said the OCOV, “they’re garaged off-site. Some are in country areas, some are being worked on, some are taken home because the worker lives a distance. Trust me; we know where they all are.” Surely that’d be enough.

Not by a long stretch of the bow. Each week, without fail, the phone would ring and the OCOV would be harangued by the OVC and told to produce the Several Hundred cars. This went on for a few months really, with each phone call ending with various swear words, questions about heritage and sanity. The OVC wanted the Several Hundred Cars and would not stop until they surfaced. They were stolen. This was known because there were empty car parks. If a car park is empty then it stands to reason a car has been stolen. It’s that bloody simple. At no point did the OVC ever go back to do a recount, if they had they’d have found that more vehicles were stolen every week, whilst some were returned, no worse for wear, fully washed a fuelled. Most of the time the log sheets had been filled in and the insides of the cars cleaned. Some were even serviced during their absence. Some crooks are considerate indeed.

This continued until the OVC alerted the Minister of the stolen Several Hundred Cars. “What??” cried the Minister, “The buck stops here! I’m accountable for them!! What if the Local Media Man finds out? I’ll be ruined, at the very least I might not be re-elected.” “Perhaps,” suggested the OVC, “you could call the OCOV and demand he tell you where the cars are?”

This was done. The call was made. “Where are the cars?” was the demand. “Now!” “Oh, for fucks sake,” said the OCOV, “I sold the bloody lot of them to Bob Moran last week. Now fuck off.”

Nothing more was ever said about the missing Several Hundred Cars. Oddly enough Bob Moran went broke and when the time came for the official count for sale, all vehicles were present and accounted for. But there were still empty car parks, and to this day the ghost of the OVC can still be seen, and heard, pitifully wailing about the whereabouts of the Several Hundred Cars. It’s often been said that, on cold, dark Friday evenings, around 5:30pm, he appears out of nowhere and demands to see various log books, upon presentation of which he dissipates and is never seen again by that person. But still his quest continues, to find the Several Hundred Cars that will ensure that the car park is completely filled, and that he’ll never be at rest, or be able to move to his project, until this actually happens.

Friday, March 05, 2010

#151: A Day In The Life

Both of the election beat ups were featured in the news today for all the wrong reasons. One, the Awful Woman, was bleating on about not accepting a public apology for distress, no great surprise there. There’s a lot more to that story than we’ve been made aware, there’s money going to her from somewhere, and all will be revealed, eventually. As it stands I didn't have to wait long for yet another shot of the Awful Woman, at least this time she wasn't swinging in the trees or 'running away' from media after she's invited them around for an announcement, and fully expect to see her on a season of Dancing With The Stars by years end. If there’s any justice in the world she’ll really live up to her Warhol status and now that the fifteen minutes are up, and perhaps expire by drug overdose.

The other matter dealt with an assault. I’m not going to pass any judgement on that, other than to say that the guilty plea was inevitable, and the only sensible thing to do. Why? Simple – the poor bastard didn’t have a choice.

The Awful Woman, now his Ex-Wife, comes from America, which really, explains a lot about the way she’s manipulated the media in the state. Can anyone say ‘Lewinski’? Still, all things must pass, and it’s not the first time that someone has alleged an affair with a head of state, a President or Prime Minister, or King, for that matter. Rumours abound about the propriety of a relationship between Geo. Washington and Sally Fairfax, and let’s not mention Edith Galt, about who was written the memorable by-line, “The President, Mr Wilson, spent the afternoon at the Whitehouse entering Mrs. Galt,” and who is possibly the first female President (sorry Hilary), albeit unofficially, after she took over when Woodrow Wilson became incapacitated by a stroke. We’ve also all heard the gossip surrounding a long time Prime Minister of this country, which was even reported in the diaries of a deposed leader of the opposition, and it’s now public record that Bob Hawke was ‘involved’ with his now current wife while still married to his first wife. A politician having an affair? Nothing new to see here. When someone can produce an illegitimate child, ala Warren Harding’s ‘daughter’, Elizabeth Phillips, then I might take notice. Oh, and let’s not mention the Kennedys. There’s been entire books written about the many confirmed sexual escapades of that lot.

But back to the alleged assault case. If the alleged perpetrator, well, not he’s not alleged now that he’s pleaded guilty, but if he'd pled not guilty and was found guilty he'd have lost any right to travel to the USA, where his E-Wife came from. Standard procedure for travelling to the USA when someone has any criminal conviction is that the person has to apply for an entry Visa. The consulate assesses these Visas and either says yay or nay, accordingly. In the case of a guilty plea due to serious assault the Visa is generally refused, especially if it’s fresh and the person then has to wait for five years after the discharge of any sentence, which, if the person gets a two year sentence, even suspended, or a good behaviour bond, it can run upwards of at least seven years. That’s seven years before the application would be considered. That's considered. After all there's no guarantee that the consulate will approve anything. So good luck. In this case no conviction was recorded, which means he can still travel overseas.

Courts generally frown upon anyone who pleads not guilty and is then found guilty. Pleading guilty means that you automatically get a ‘credit’ from both the court and the prosecution, a ‘credit; for not wasting the taxpayers dollar. In most cases the sentence is lighter, convictions aren’t recorded and the person can go about their business. A not guilty plea, and a protracted trial, which might be shown to be a show trial for the media’s sake, wouldn’t endear anyone to a magistrate. In that regard the telling comment was that he was allegedly 'confused' and didn't understand the nature of the relationship in question, which leads me to wonder, who really lied? The Leader of the person who wishes for their 'repuation to be restored'? It would appear that the Awful Woman didn't come clean on the alleged affair until the money was on the table. Such is the repuation that she wants 'restored'.

I also doubt that there’d be no way known that the person would have gotten the current leader of the state on a witness stand, and even if he had, I expect that any questions regarding the alleged affair would have been deemed inappropriate and disregarded. No such question need to be answered. It's a simple assault case and as such such motives aren't that important. All the court would care about is did the person assault the victim? In this case several dozen witnesses were lined up to say, yes, he did, and yes, I saw/heard it. The rest is gravy. Sanity finally prevails.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

#150: Motor City (I Get Lost)

I laughed. I laughed so loudly that people across the building came over to see what the joke was. The joke was a press release from the Opposition party outlining a reform for the social housing system that we have here. The line that cracked me up the most came at the end of the release, and said, in part, “South Australia needs results, not spin.” BRILLIANT!! This was tacked onto a release that, at best, was mere spin and at worst, totally misleading.

Why? Because the release appears to have been written to appeal to the lowest common denominator; those people that listen to talk back radio, hang onto every word by the Local Media Man and actually believe the ill-informed crap that he sprouts. The release says, in part, that, “…through a reform, over 700 currently vacant public houses would be made available to families across the state.” Yes, another reform, on top of one that we’ve just had. That’s exactly what the state, the department and the public needs – more confusion and lack of clarity of services. Each time a new party wins an election they immediately begin to dismantle the infrastructure that the previous party had in place. This means that, no matter how good the intention, services are disrupted for around six months as staff are removed, reassigned and generally messed about with. At the end of it all not much actually happens other than some CEO’s being moved on and front line staff given more work.

Other highlights from the release include such gems as, “Poor management of tenancies, properties and redevelopments mean that hundreds more houses sit vacant than elsewhere in Australia.” “…the number of vacant properties has blown out to 4%, almost twice the vacancy rate of public housing authorities around Australia, which average a vacancy rate of just over 2%. In real terms, this means that almost 1700 homes are left vacant while thousands remain on the waiting list. If we brought our vacancy rate down just to the national average for public housing authorities around Australia, an additional 721 families could be given a home.” Yes, and perhaps Led Zeppelin will reform and tour with The Beatles, because that’d happen before any of this does.

The release doesn’t make any comment as to why there are roughly 1700 vacant homes around the place, just that they are empty. It makes no mention that the bulk of the empty properties aren’t fit for vermin to live in, let alone people (although there are a few exceptions to that rule). One reason for empty properties is because they’re currently being pulled down so brand new, better, safer houses can be erected in their place, which will give a higher quality of house available and also assist in home ownership for low income earners. The houses that are selected for this scheme are generally the same houses that the opposition has been demanding that something be done to, as they’re pretty much dilapidated to the point of collapse. These are the same properties that you see in the papers and on certain one sided current affairs programs. But that matters not, the perception is that all is required is a coat of paint and few nails and BANG! Habitation. You'd not live there, but then you're being told to.

If only it was that simple, but it isn't. The cost of getting some of these properties back up to speed is, at times, only a shade less than the write off to rebuild value. And what’s better, a suburb with shiny new houses, or a suburb with forty to fifty year old double units? You can rename the suburb, pretty it up and hopefully encourage people to move to it to boost the local economy, or you can keep the old properties, whack the same old people into them and continue a new generation in a slum. Which is preferable? I know what I’d rather.

Even better the release goes on to state that, “…the policy also includes: enforcing a genuine “three strikes” policy for Housing SA tenants (and) ensuring properly notified inspections proceed even in the absence of the tenant.” Ok, let’s look at both of these ‘policies’ at the same time. The current tenancy system, and any future system, is governed by the Residential Tenancy Tribunal, not my favourite people. Any eviction proceedings must be channelled through them, you can’t simply evict someone without going through the proper channels, no matter what the Local Media Man might say. Why? For the same reason why you can’t kill people that piss you off – because it’s against the law. The RTT is there to protect the rights of the tenant, at times this is at odds with the rights of the landlord and that’s the frustrating part. If someone has ‘three strikes’ then they can’t be instantly removed, no matter what this policy says. The lease can expire and it not be renewed, or an eviction procedure has to take place. The thought that anyone can just walk up and throw someone into the gutter at will is the thought of someone who knows absolutely nothing about housing, social or otherwise.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for tighter controls on tenants that go wild, and those who don't play the game. In a perfect world any tenant, ANYWHERE, in any form of housing, be it private or public, would be fair grounds for instant eviction if they caused major property damage or serious assault against a neighbour, but, sadly, this world is far from perfect. To suggest that anyone can effect a 'three strikes and you're out' policy is being very disingenuous at best. It's unworkable. Even private landlords, and real estate companies, can't have such a policy in effect, which is why people are asked to sign short term leases with private landlords and real estate companies. That way it's easier to remove them from a property if they become troublemakers down the track. You simply fail to renew the lease and allow them to leave. What we could be doing is enforcing lease conditions and renewals better.

The other goldie in the above is this section, “…ensuring properly notified inspections proceed even in the absence of the tenant.” Sorry, under the law, as governed by the RTT (and I’m not making this up, search the RTT site yourself and see), no landlord, anywhere, Government or otherwise, can enter any property without legal entry. We don’t keep keys, so I have no idea how a person is supposed to gain entry – kick the doors in perhaps? Break and enter through a window?

The Residential Tenancy Act of 1995, the current act, section 72.1 (Right of entry), states that:
It is a term of a residential tenancy agreement that the landlord may enter the premises if (and only if)-
(a) the entry is made in an emergency; or
(b) the landlord gives the tenant written notice stating the purpose and specifying the date and time of the proposed entry not less than seven and not more than 14 days before entering the premises; or
(c) the entry is made at a time previously arranged with the tenant (but not more frequently than once every week for the purpose of collecting the rent); or
(d) the entry is made at a time previously arranged with the tenant (but not more frequently than once every four weeks) for the purpose of inspecting the premises; or
(e) the entry is made for the purpose of carrying out necessary repairs or maintenance at a reasonable time of which the tenant has been given at least 48 hours written notice; or
(f) the entry is made for the purpose of showing the premises to prospective tenants, at a reasonable time and on a reasonable number of occasions during the period of 28 days preceding the termination of the agreement, after giving reasonable notice to the tenant; or
(g) the entry is made for the purpose of showing the premises to prospective purchasers, at a reasonable time and on a reasonable number of occasions, after giving the tenant reasonable notice; or
(h) the entry is made with the consent of the tenant given at, or immediately before, the time of entry.

Although there is nowhere in that act that states how the entry is supposed to take place I'm sure that the law, and the RTT, frown upon illegal entry into a premises by anyone, including landlords. There is enough in that act to notify the tenant of an inspection and then enter the premises without their presence, but first you have to have a legal point of entry. No tenant will leave the doors unlocked, and, as stated, no tenant keys are kept by any office, there is no such thing as a ‘master key’ (despite the urban legends), so how the writer of this new ‘policy’ thinks that legal entry will take place is light years beyond me. I’d not want to enforce it. We attend, we knock. If no-one answers, we wait, knock again, do something else, knock again, leave a card urging for contact and then leave. Obtaining what is called an access order is a long and tedious task, and isn’t always successful. Again, no-one is going to break a door in or smash a window in order to do a routine inspection, so that policy is kaput before it even gets off the paper.

It’s generally incumbent that any potential new government do due diligence when making such announcements, and sadly it appears that this hasn’t happened in this case. I can only hope that they fix all of this before they take office, if elected, and thus prevent yet more broken promises and/or a complete and utter balls up. These half baked ‘policies’ will only result in old, often dangerous, houses being re-used, money being wasted in bringing them back up to vacancy standard, projects and growth being stopped and promises that cannot be carried out. It’s all well and good wanting to reform departments – hell, I have my own ideas there – but do your homework first. You can't fix something if you don’t know why it’s broken in the first place, or to what extent.