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#268: Vertigo

An interesting little document.  I compiled these quotes from the various depositions that were filed in the Chris Lester v U2 court case.  In short Lester claimed that U2 stole his song, Nowhere Fast (the title of which is a steal from an utterly brilliant Jim Stienman song from the movie Streets of Fire) and released the music as Vertigo.  Naturally U2 fought this and I have no idea who won as the case petered out into the usual 'undisclosed settlement'.  What I do know is that I can't find Lester's song anywhere on the internet at all, released under the band name of Custom 500, which leads me to believe that he might have lost.

What was interesting was U2's own music expert, who found that the riff of Vertigo was anything but original, and could be traced back to the Kinks You Really Got Me and the Rolling Stones' Bitch, Stone Temple Pilots' Crackerman and Sex Type Thing, The Police's Roxanne, amongst other songs by the likes of Megadeth, Black Sabba…

#267: Two Fools a Minute

If you could be a rock star then who would you be?  If you answered David Lee Roth then you’re in a shit load of trouble.  Sure, Roth has talent, he can sing (if you doubt the latter listen to Me Wise Magic by Van Halen, or any of his jazz material), he’s fairly attractive, gets loads of women, is rich and hangs around guitarists like Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai.  He travels the world, is known wherever he goes and can sleep in every day if he wants to.  He doesn't have to work anymore, in fact he can probably hire someone to wipe his arse if he felt the desire to do so.  So what’s the downside?
The downside is lunatics like this one bringing legal action against you.  According to this nut case Roth engages in some shady antics indeed, from spiking hot water containers at a local homeless shelter, to spiking Hillary Clinton and her staff, to controlling both the Democrats and Republicans at the executive level and being caught in ‘compromising positions’ with (now ex) President …