Monday, May 17, 2010

#182: Disco Lady

You have to love 1970s Australian music. Seriously, you just do.  Case in point - Dark Tan.  Now I'll freely admit that the bulk of the information that I know about Dark Tan mainly comes from this old press kit that I just bought - and before you chuckle, I bought it to get to some definite gems, most of which I'll share in the coming weeks, including some amazing South Australian music memorabilia.

Anyway, Dark Tan.  Brilliant band for one reason - the lead singer, Alston Koch, was a dead ringer for Rodney Rude, several years before Rodney Rude was Rodney Rude.  Don't believe me?  Watch the video below and check out Alston about 40 seconds into the clip.  You'll see what I mean.

(Left: Alston Koch)

See?  You thought I was making things up didn't you?  Well I wasn't.  Alston is a dead ringer for Rodney, only darker and from Sri Lanka, but the eyes and mannerisms are all there.  During his "Hey lady!" lines you just expect Alston to start yelling, "Hahahahaha FUCKYA!"  Frankly it might have made the song a bit more bearable.

(Below: Rodney Rude)

Most disco hasn't aged well and the song Disco Lady isn't an exception, despite it being a massive success - go figure.  It helped put Alston on the charts, although he ended up on several of those brilliant K-Tel compilations.  Alston hasn't faded away into obscurity though, he's still out there, making music and releasing tribute singles for Murili and gearing up for a comeback. 

(Disco Nights, released 1977. Dark Tan surrounded by other immortals such as Tavares, Plastic Betrand, The Force, Glass Family, Meco, Baccara and, oddly enough Sylvester)

God love you Alston.  Tour behind a re-released Disco Lady.  Lord knows that the Norwood pub can always use some quality entertainment, and who else can you think of to follow the brilliant show that we recently saw?

I say nobody.  Do it Alston, come back, all is forgiven.  Iin the meantime, does anyone want to buy an original Dark Tan press kit?

Yeah, I thought as much.

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