Friday, April 30, 2010

#171: Jesus Christ, Superstar

I'm kinda touched. In this day and age of paranoia and hate, the Atheists like me.  I find that somewhat refreshing really, even though they might find it somewhat puzzling that I'm a Buddhist.

In my defence, as I said to someone at Christmas, as she saw me tuck into the wine, I always say I'm a Buddhist, I never said I was a good one.  But, considering that there's some who are currently doing whatever they can and exerting the most amazing pressure to have me remove this blog from the face of the planet, the support of the Godless is wonderful.

Guys, I like you too.   I do have to ask though, what do you do at Easter and Christmas?  Just hit the booze, eat the puddings and go through the motions, or something else?  Still, no matter what you, or don't, you're alright in my book.

Now I might join their forums...

And, as a kid, who didn't sing the following at full volume:
Jesus Christ
Who the bloody hell do you think you are?
Did a skid,
Killed a kid,
Chopped off his balls with a garbage lid...

Or was that just the locals in downtown 'Lizbef?  But then I've always found it fascinating that many people use the name, Jesus Christ, virtually as a swearword.  Blasphemous rumours are always the best.


Anonymous said...

I tend to find myself using 'Jesus' or 'Jesus Christ' as an exclamation. It's not blasphemous, I'm not Christian, but Jewish :)

Your Own Personal Jesus said...

I tend to find that people, over the years, use it as a substitute for swearing. As in, "Jesus Christ, you're an idiot!"

Unless they're actually referring to the Son Of God.


I thought, for years, that my name was Jesus Christ. I heard so many times, "Jesus Christ! Get in here now!" Having said that I generally see people using it as a phrase to be using it more as an angry expression, kinda like using "Goddamn!" instead of "Shazam!"