Thursday, April 15, 2010

#159: Green

You always hear about people trying to find that secret space where they can hide from the world. The beauty of Adelaide is that such places are well within walking distance from the CBD; only people have forgotten that they exist, or, even worse, apathy dictates that they just won't be visited anymore.

I love this spot. Always have, always will. For some reason it reminds me of Queensland, especially when the humidity weighs heavy in the air. Each time I feel the pressure coming down on me I generally escape to here, find a spot, sit down and mediate myself back to some form of sanity. It works for me.

I think that a person needs to do whatever it takes to unwind and allow the air to flow back through the ears. And yes, you read that right – it’s not just a case of clearing the mind, but also cleansing it and allowing it to empty itself to the point of being comatose. Find peace, find nirvana, and find bliss. I know that in just over a week’s time I’ll be sitting here for a bit of time to find some space and answers for questions that are only found within. And I know that no matter what else happens, I’ll always have this space, this space that cannot be taken away from me, no matter what some power-drunk person might think.

I’ll come out smiling.  Eventually, I always do.

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