Wednesday, April 14, 2010

#158: Drive My Car

Now that the election is done and dusted I can answer the question that a few of you have asked - where is she?

She's gone, Reggie, she's gone. 

You see once the election finished and Mike Rann won power again any interest in her story faded into the dirt.  There'll be a bit of follow up interest in her once the legal action between Rann and whoever he's suing is settled, and then I expect the next time we see The Chantelois will be on some fourth rate variety show, such as Dancing With The Stars or Hey Hey It's Banality.  Other than that, her dash is well and truly done.  People are more interested in the correct pronounciation of the names of the pandas than they'll ever be interested in her.

Sad really.  But then Warhol was right, everyone has their fifteen minutes of fame.  The real trick is sustaining that fifteen minutes to last longer, or using it to cash in for some real fame and success, but then having an ex-husband who beats people with magazines and a son who allegedly attacks people with spears shows the level of disfunction in that household - after all The Chantelois was last seen bleating about restoring her repuation from that of a liar to that of, well, a liar who cheats on her partner.

That's highly attractive in a woman.  Really it is.  If she did this back in her home country then she'd be making a bit of cabbage in movies right now, but, alas, Australia just doesn't have a healthy porn industry.

Vale The Chantelois.  May we never see her likes again.

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Anonymous said...

I was amazed when Richard Chantelois put up "community standards" as his defense for assaulting the Premier. Then he won ... !

There's some people I'd like to "community standards" ...