Saturday, December 18, 2010

#241: I Love You Love Me Love

Every so often you find a book that is just so chilling and disturbing that you wonder if you should even admit to seeing it, let alone owning and reading it. Or, in this case, skimming through it. This is one such book, the Australian Paedophile and Sex Offenders Index.

I heard about this book a few years ago and had wondered about its contents ever since. I then kept an eye out for a copy, and although I’d see it in bookstores from time to time, the price was generally a bit prohibitive, and nobody would ever allow it to be displayed on the shelves – for obvious reasons – thus a casual browse was always out of the question. I expect that a copy resides in the State Library, but I’m buggered if I was going to walk in and request a copy to look at.

So what is it about this book that is disturbing? For a start it doesn’t have graphic images, nor does it have graphic details of abuse – quite the opposite. It’s a very dry volume, detailing the names, locations and information of people who have faced court and been found guilty of sex offences, with an emphasis on child sexual abuse. That’s it. The author has scoured court documents and listed what they did, where they did it and when. From there you make your own judgements, and, frankly, none of those judgements are going to be kind. The more evil people have the photos, including one of a happy person, photographed after he was prettied up by his young cousin, who he later raped down the track.

That’s what’s disturbing. Photos of people in normal situations who, if you knew what they had done, or what they were thinking of doing, you’d happily slaughter without a second look. But you don’t know, because they look so bloody normal. Generally people with these thoughts are the same as anyone else, appearance wise, which explains why abuse is so widespread and unreported. It explains priests, doctors, lawyers and family members, because the predators are everywhere, another aspect that makes this book so uncomfortable to read – the occupations are listed. School teachers, doctors, sports coaches, police officers, they’re all here and more. Basically anyone that holds a position of trust and authority should be questioned.

I can forgive most things in this world, hell, I’ve done most things in this world, but I cannot forgive some things. Rock spiders, I have no time for them, no matter who they are, no matter how talented they might wish to portray themselves. It’s one of the reasons why I refuse to watch anything by a celebrated movie director, and he’s only made it worse by doing what most paedophiles do, he’s spent years blaming everyone around him and never taking responsibility for his own actions. That makes me want to puke. I don’t believe in forced entry upon a person. To deprive them of their dignity and to breach trust in such a way just angers me. And to assault a child and remove their innocence? Well let’s just say I’m a massive fan of allowing people to deal with those kinds of scum in their own way. I know if it were one of my kids, I’d like a few minutes alone with the perp, but then that’s just me.

I know people who have read this book, or used it as part of their employment (professionals in certain fields) and virtually everyone of those people are more paranoid for it. I know I am. The book only had the one edition, as near as I can ascertain, but it did go into a few printings (this is the 1st edition/printing) and is as hard to come by as anything you’d want. You’ll find a copy of the Anarchists Cookbook before you’ll find this one, which is sad as it’s a book that should be accessible for all.

It’s a shame that there’s not an updated version, but as a historical document its value can’t be underestimated. If you see it then be warned, pure evil lurks within these pages, and some things, once read, cannot be unread, no matter how hard you try. What’s worse is when you flick through it and recognise a name or two…but remember, if you're a famous movie director with famous actor friends who drugs a 13 year old, gives her two bottles of champagne and then anally rapes her in a spa bath, you're not a paedophile, you're the victim.  In any other part of society you'd be rightly shunned and outcast, but in Hollywood circles, you're given an Oscar.

Such is life.

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