Saturday, December 04, 2010

#235: Naked And Sacred

There's several reasons why I love Melbourne, and this guy is now a new one.  We spotted him in Fitzroy, just walking about, wearing thongs, red speedos and suspenders and wore his hair and sunnies in a Jim Morrison fashion.  Brilliant.  Even better was that virtually nobody batted an eye when he walked up the cafe, got his short black and sat down - check out the lack of reaction on the faces around him.  Happy guy too, and bloody funny - seconds after I took this shot a homeless man walked up to the Nude Man and asked for change.
"Sorry mate, I've not got any money on me.  I mean, I've got no pockets!"

Brilliant.  Not sure how he scored the short black though, but he's a happier, and friendlier, guy than Johnny In The Mall is.

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