Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#239 Sister Madly

I never saw Split Enz live, but I have seen them on the idiot box more than once, and what I’ve seen makes me a bit sad that I never took the plunge. But, unlike you and your mate, I did see the Mullanes and I still have the press sheet that I lifted from the gig. You may now ask, “Who? The Mullanes?”

Let me tell you about The Mullanes. Led by Neil Finn, they were his first post-Enz band, and when I saw them they had a line up of ex-Enz members Finn and drummer Paul Hester, aided by bassist Nick Seymour and guitarist Craig Hooper. Yep, I saw Crowded House before they were too crowded and before they’d bought even a small unit somewhere.

What did they play? A pile of Finn’s Split Enz tracks, along with a smattering of tracks that would eventually feature on the first Crowded House album. Were they any good? Well, yep, they were, but then with musicians of that calibre you expect that they’d be able to deliver a good set in their sleep. I enjoyed it, even if time, along with booze and other substances, have tempered the memory somewhat. But don’t think for one second that all of my memories are tempered, Transvision Vamp and Katrina & The Waves still remain two of the worst gigs I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing, and they were around the same time, so go figure. I want your love my arse, show us yer bits Wendy!!!

Since that time I've seen Neil Finn and only last year took Zee German to see Tim Finn and Iddie Raynor at the Gov for her birthday.  Loads of "Mak Schau!" was yelled that night, and righly so, and you have to admire a person who goes to a gig only to see the keyboard player.  In fact, if I don't post a photo of Eddie here then she's likely to kill me, so here ya go baby!

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