Thursday, November 25, 2010

#233: Blondes Have More Fun

This might be about the only time that you'll ever see the phrase, "Blondes Love Black" and be able to enter it into a Google search engine and not see even a hint of interracial porn.  Seriously.  There's not a sight of anyone named Ty Lattimore or Tiger Tyson, let alone Long Dong Silver or even Tiger Woods.  And you're in for a very rude shock if you pick this up hoping to see photos of Jenna Jamison, Sylvia Saint or even Paris 'Man Hands' Hilton.  Indeed you can forget all about it if you're hoping to get anywhere near a stiffy with this volume.

Published in 1968, this book, Blondes Love Black, is a heartwarming story about a Norwegian (the blonde) whose family came to Australia in search of oil (the black).  No rooting, no porn, no sex, just oil and Aboriginals with names like King Billy and other borderline racist names.  And that's it. 

As simple as that really.

This volume was, as far as I can tell, the only thing G.D. Lindholm ever wrote, and clearly at some stage he settled in Victor Harbor, as the inscription to the book, by Lindholm's wife Cynthia, was written in 1979 and states where she was living at the time.

Still, aesthetics aside it's a good book to have on the shelf, if only to see people do massive double takes and say, "What the fu*k?" when they see it.  And isn't that what book collecting is all about?

It is for me!!

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