Wednesday, January 04, 2012

#292: I Kissed A Girl

And he's rooted a few of them in his time too.  However Wussel Bwand's marriage to Katy Perry hasn't lasted all that long, but at least it lasted longer than Sinead O'Conner's last effort, which, by all accounts, lasted just long enough for Sinead to win custody of the wedding cake.  I always expect these so called 'celebrity' marriages do fall to pieces shortly after they're entered into and this was no exception.  I've always thought that Brand was about as heavyweight as a hot air balloon, and Perry, singer of crap songs and peddler of zit cream, isn't much better.  In fact, they appear to be perfectly matched when you look at it - the bland meets the vapid.  You work out which one is which.

As it is Brand, who is 'working' on his new book, My Divorcy Worcy by slurring at some poor hack, has done the filing in court, and here it is.  Poor Kathryn Hudson, she's now going to be single and back to kissing girls.  Perhaps she can compare notes with some of the other media whores, who are famous for doing nothing and just being - like Paris Stilton and Kim Kardassian.

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