Sunday, July 03, 2011

#269: Tears Of A Frog

There's a reason why I hate selling on eBay, and here it is.  To set the background, virtually each time we've shipped an item to France, Italy or Canada it's not arrived and the buyers have all claimed, successfully.  The fact that those countries have dodgy mailing systems means nothing - hell Canada Mail is on strike right now - we get the abuse, we're out of pocket.  As such when we decided to start offloading stuff from the overfull carport we clearly stated that we'd not ship to any of those countries and placed them on the exclusion list.

We also decided that, and this is keeping with eBay rules, every item has to go registered and insured.  During 2008 we lost an amazing $2,000+ to buyers who insisted that we not ship insured or registered, lesson learned.  We quote the actual postage cost, more times than not we lose money on it, but, again, better safe than sorry.

There's a third reason why we don't ship to France, and here it is.  The auction in question was a CD that sold for $25.00.  The buyer was a guy from France - beats me how he bid, and here's the messages that have gone back and forth, AFTER the auction ended.  Enjoy!

BUYER: Hi. Shipping is too high because 1/ you want registered and 2/ insuurance.
I want minimum shipping please. Money is hard to earn (especially today).
Thanks to update shipping.

US: Hi

As clearly stated in our auction listing, we do not ship to France under any circumstances. As such your bid is being canceled

I apologise for any disappointment, but this was clearly stated within the conditions of this auction.


BUYER: Sir, your answer is outrageous. You do not have the right to discriminate and to point to good countries and bad countries. Because you've probably had a problem with a package addressed to France, then you decide that the whole country is not viable. It's pathetic. You are a tiny man who lives in a country without culture, without history. Your country is a huge empty apart from idiots like you who are rotting in their vomit Ebay.
No, I do not give up the auction and if you persist, I go to court for discrimination.

US: Good afternoon.

According to Ebay guidelines, I DO have the right to restrict which countries I choose to do business with.

I will reporting this matter to them. YOU have failed to adhere to the conditions of the auction by 1) bidding when the conditions clearly state you shouldn't, and then B) for arguing the postage price AFTER the close of the auction - which, by bidding, you agreed to.

This is precisely why we don't ship to France. EVERY transaction has turned into a nightmare.


BUYER: Do you realize the stupidity of your message. Because you had some bad dealings with France (which can happen with "any other country ...), you condemn a population of 60 million French people ..... Your speech is purely racist and demonstrates your low intelligence and your narrow-mindedness. it's people like you that create discrimination and, 60 years ago you would have been a perfect Nazi ..... you defend your terms of sale which are an insult to France, a country of tolerance. you do not want France, rest assured, FRANCE lives very well without you.
I remain buyers with 100% positive feedback. I do not cancel the transaction but I'll pay your shipping costs.

And that was that.  I've not changed a single word.  Feel free to chuckle at the double standards and hypocrisy on display and marvel at the thought that, by abusing us we'll change our mind and sell to him.  We duly reported him for harassment, canceled the transaction, contacted the underbidder, who was more than happy to pay straight away and put some Johnny Cash on the iPod and chilled out.  So, if you ever want the answer as to why we don't sell to anyone in France, there you have it.  As for being 'perfect Nazis', if we were then we'd have no trouble walking down the Champs Elysees in the shade, because, as we all now know, that's why the beret wearing surrender monkeys (which is what Zee German calls them) really planted the trees for.

I now expect a message telling me that my mother was a hamster and my father smelt of elderberries, or that this clown farts in my general direction. And another pal wonders why I have absolutely no interest in going to Paris.  And bub, I live very well, EXTREMELY well in fact, without you, or fucking France and your fucking nuclear bombs and your fucking piss weak cheap wine that tastes like wallpaper paste mixed with cordial and your fucking croissants in my life too, so feel free to drop dead.  If I want culture I'll wander around here, if I want culture overseas then there's plenty of places that are far more interesting that France will ever be.

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Anonymous said...

As a regular buyer on eBay, I will always email a seller prior to bidding if there is a condition of sale that precludes me (ie only ship to UK, or something like that). If they knock me back, then fine, at least I've asked. Sometimes they say, sure, we'll post to Australia.... You never know if you never ask, and that's the point, I always ask.

Obviously, this moron had no such scruples. You are well within your rights to pour scorn on him and tell him to sod off.

And I stand by my statement....

Zee German