Friday, July 15, 2011

#271: Ball of Confusion

Dear Australian Public,

You are a New Zealander’s dream – you are a flock of easily fucked sheep. You are stupid enough to buy into Tony Abbotts campaign designed to attack the incumbent PM on a basis of gender, not policy. You are stupid enough to buy into a campaign based upon sexism and outright bullying. And why is this?

Says it all
Because you have absolutely no comprehension of history. In the early 1990s John Hewson ran a campaign on the back of a proposed Goods and Services Tax. Both the GST and Hewson were soundly defeated by Paul Keating, and Hewson stood down, or was sacked – take your pick - and was replaced by John Howard. When asked about the GST, Howard stood before a media conference, at Tweed Heads, in May 1995 and said the following;

“There is no way a GST will ever be part of our policy. Never, ever. It’s dead; it was killed by the voters in the last election.”

Then, in 1996, just prior to the election, he stated;

“My government will not introduce any new taxes and will not increase existing taxes.”

By June 2000 Howard was busily selling the GST to the nation and insisting that prices would not increase. Lies built upon lies.

Fucking shameful behaviour from a weak prick not fit to lead the country
I don’t recall anyone protesting so vigorously against Howard, or calling him a ‘bitch’ (I guess the male counterpart would be ‘bastard’) in public, let alone the opposition leader standing, proudly and beaming, in front of banners proclaiming the PM as a ‘bitch’, However in this current climate, the opposition leader, Tony Abbott, is very proud of gaining mileage out the current PM’s introduction of the Carbon Tax as a lie, and, in his eyes, a liar is not fit to lead the country. This is despite him serving in a government lead by a liar for near on twelve years. He had no issues with a lying PM then. He didn’t protest, he never spoke up about the lying, indeed he not only embraced it, he sold the policy to the nation as a whole and defended the PM at that point as a ‘great leader’.

What made Howard great in Abbott’s eyes? Well, for one thing he was his boss, the other thing is that Howard is a male, Julia Gillard is a female, and the Alpha Male that is a politician today cannot tolerate the thought of a female being in a position of power above them. Thus the smear campaign must start; Julia Gillard is a liar who is not fit to run the country. However NOBODY has asked Abbott what he thought, and thinks, of John Howard introducing a GST after stating, categorically, that he’d not do so. Nobody has asked Abbott what he thinks of Howard lying about the Children Overboard saga. Nobody has asked Abbott what he thinks about Howard lying over Australia’s entry into the Iraq-Afghanistan war in an effort to curry favour with the Bush administration, a conflict that has cost Australian lives and, after over ten years, has no end in sight. Nobody has asked Abbott where he sits on John Howards many, many lies.  Nobody has asked Abbott how he felt being party of a government that was built on lies. It’s one of the many reasons why I have little respect for the bulk of the journalists out there today. So, all you members of the Fourth Estate, start earning your cash and ask those protesting what they thought of Howard, and where were they when Howard introduced his own tax, which went against what he’d said. In short, ask those peanuts protesting and bleating like the retarded sheep that they are, what is the difference between John Howard, who habitually lied to the nation throughout his multiple terms of office, and Julia Gillard.

Did you vote for a GST as well? Of course not, you easily led dickheads
The difference is gender. Party politics is one thing, but to see people attacking each other on the basis of gender makes me want to vomit. And all of you small minded monkeys carrying those signs tell me where you were and what you did back in 2000 when John Howard introduced one of the worst taxes in Australian history, which drove prices up and devalued the Australian dollar to all new lows.

Two arseholes
Oh, sorry, that’s right; you’re too busy writing your revisions to history. I have no time for those protesting this Carbon Tax on the basis of a lie, because you’re all a bunch of hypocritical, easily led morons. Nothing more, nothing less. You want to elect a person who is more unfit to lead this nation than the average houseplant, just because he’s male. The same person who, in 1998, established a trust fund called "Australians for Honest Politics Trust" with the sole purpose to bankroll civil court cases against the One Nation party, along with Pauline Hanson and David Ettridge and who rejoiced when Hanson was jailed. The fact that the convictions were overturned means nothing to him; he dealt with that ‘bitch’ as well. The same person who verbally attacked a terminally ill man and didn’t have the guts to face him. The same man who believes in ‘good, old fashioned’ values, that being that a woman’s place is in the home, possibly barefoot, pregnant and tied to the kitchen sink. The same man who, if elected, will ultimately bring this nation to its knees. The same man who has no policies and insists on attacking the person, and not the policies before the Australian public. The same man who is clearly far too weak to attack anyone who could physically fight back.

Wake up and smell the cat food.

Personal Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Party politics is a blight on the free world and on those who struggle to stay financially afloat, while these turds swan around blowing millions (billions?).

Gillard and Abbott are both fuckwits and share several things....they lie, cheat and mislead the general public. Neither is in it for the right reasons.

Yes, they're polilticians.

Anonymous said...

That should read 'politicians'. ;)

martin said...

Is that why you are anonymous, no "balls" to hold fast to your rants, Martin, see what I did....