Wednesday, January 05, 2011

#244: Too Fast For You

Well 2010 has finished and 2011 has started.  Australia are being flogged in the cricket - no great surprise there, we have a side with very little heart and spine, whereas England want to win and want to beat us to bloody pulps.  For far too long the Australian side has coasted on reputation, however once a few players retired the belligerence that was once present vanished up the arse of players who are more interested in pleasing their plastic titted girlfriends, showing off their tattoos and making sure that their endorsements are intact.  You know the game is up the creek when Fox announce a 'reality' show dedicated to the wives and girlfriends of the Australian players. 

They should make it more interesting and introduce the wives to the girlfriends, but that ain't going to happen.  Bring back Greg Matthews!

In the meantime I've spent a while clearing out the carport with the (vain) hopes that one day I might be able to actually fit a car into it.  For a long while now a Matchbox car would have a serious issue squeezing in, but today I've made some serious headway and have thrown out around ten large boxes of, well, crap.  Old magazines, shit that I don't want or need - all going down to the dump, so bin scabs, get your shit into gear and start roaming the area.  What I am keeping are those things of value, both financially and sentimentally.  I've found some amazing things that I'd long thought lost and as time goes on I'll share a lot of them here.  To start with I thought I'd share these scans of some vintage gigs at Le Rox.

Remember Le Rox?  I certainly do.  I saw Katrina & The Waves there, once of the worst gigs I've been to.  Not the worst, that honour falls to Transvision Vamp at The Old Lion (hence the image above).  Anyone that was there that night knows what happened, and I didn't start it.  I was a spectator.  I wasn't a spectator during the legendary TISM riot though, but that's life.  Still, have a peek through these old ads and think, you'd have seen any of these acts for a cover charge of anywhere from $10 to $15.  So, in one week, for around $50, you'd have been able to see Nick Cave, the Triffids and the Mad Turks.  More than once.  That's value for money!

 Now, as a new years bonus, here's a Melbourne ad and a review of a gig that featured my pals Johnny Kannis and Chris Klondike Masuak!  Enjoy guys!!!

Loads more to come, including some stuff that you've never even heard of, let alone seen...

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