Sunday, October 03, 2010

#215: God Gave LED HDTV's to You

One word: why?
I'll tell you why - because people are stupid enough to buy shit like this.  Coffins, condoms, shirts - hell, I'm waiting for the "Gene's Tongue Maxi Pad".  And if you do it Gene, then you'll have to cut me in now.

I still listen to Kiss.  I think I always will, but I've gone right off them now.  One of the main reasons is the use of the make-up of Ace and Peter on people who aren't Ace and Peter, although guitarist Tommy 'Talentless' Thayer must surely be living the dream of anyone who's ever started out playing a character in a cover band by graduating to the band itself.  Good stuff Tommy, but, amazingly, he's uglier than Ace and has none of Ace's personality.

But therein lies the rub.  Kiss isn't about personality anymore and frankly they ceased to have any personality once Ace did the noble thing and walked.  These days, moreso than ever, it's all about the cash and only the cash.  Gene and Paul want your money and they'll suck it out of your pockets any which way they can, be it by putting their name and logo onto anything they can to releasing albums of re-recorded classics.  I'm now waiting for Gene and Paul to finally make that Australian based movie.  Go for it guys.

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Anonymous said...

I liked Gene's autobiography, but Gene Simmons Family Jewels? Perhaps he can combine his career as rock star and motivational speaker, couldn't be any less interesting.

I thought I saw Pink Floyd in 1988 only to find out it was a legal entity called "Pink Floyd (1987) Touring Pty Ltd".

Rock and roll! ~Martin