Tuesday, June 15, 2010

#197: The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking.

You just don't see these kinds of things anymore.  A classic souvenir of the Majestic Cinema, dated 1942, but then you don't see too many cinemas in Adelaide anymore either.  Sadly it seems that crappy hotel chains have moved in, pulled the best ones down and put up bloody great buildings that block out the sun in a park for the bulk of the day.

But that's progression for you. Some made out like a bandit on that deal.  It was probably a better deal than seeing Lucky Jordan, a movie so forgettable that it doesn't even turn up on the community TV channel, ACE TV, let alone Channel 7's Midday Movie these days.

Still, Alan Ladd was Shane and he did pop up at the end of Citizen Kane, not that you were aware of it, but trust me, he's there, the bloody midget, and he did make an impact in This Gun For Hire.  This card is probably life sized, the sawed off little high heel wearing, box standing bastard.  I never rated Ladd as an actor, other than about three movies, one being Shane, but Ladd was gifted the part when Montgomery Clift pulled out.  Good thing for Ladd as Clift would have killed in the role, as he did with virtually everything he did.

And acting with Clift would have meant that Jean Arthur wouldn't have had to walk in a ditch.

"Shane! Shane! Come back Shane!"  Run for President!!

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