Sunday, June 27, 2010

#199: Drinkenstein

And I quote from the comments on this fine piece of country music, "It's like an atomic bomb of shit detonating directly on my eyeball."  Amen brother, amen.  May no-one ever allow this man near a microphone again.  Fucker scared all of my cats when he started wailing, dogs were howling four streets across and several little old ladies phoned the police and reported an escaped lunatic who they believed was acting like a werewolf.

Having said that, ladies, if you're looking for the perfect gift then go no futher than this:
It's a shame that Benny Hill didn't think of this, he'd have a field day with it, as it was he had to be content with smacking the shit out Jackie Wright and thus inventing the expression, 'slaphead', which is now in common usage to define bald headed old bastards who refuse to wear a syrup, much like all of my brothers.

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