Thursday, March 18, 2010

#153 Never Ending Story

I can’t say I was rightly amused when I saw the news that the son of two of the most notorious people in the state at the moment was in court charged with assault – with weapons. After all, considering that the father is now a confessed assaulter (that being he pleaded guilty to assault, so the events are no longer alleged) and the mother is a self-confessed adulterer (that being that she’s admitted to having at least one extra-martial affair, so those events are only alleged on the side of the male, but not on her side – go figure) and both parties providing the opposition party with some much needed (allegedly) free publicity in the form of a car crash on feet, there as always the chance that they’d stay in the media somehow. After all did anyone believe that the Awful Woman’s supposedly ‘last ever’ interview would be the last time we’d hear from them? Oh please! And frankly it’s getting tiresome seeing the puff pieces that are being run. I’d really like it for one of the Lunchtime O’Boozes to actually do their job and start digging some dirt on this woman and ask some serious questions, in particular, was this the first, or indeed the only, extra-martial affair that she’s had and why is it that she cannot provide any solid evidence? Ain’t going to happen though. When the media decide who to back then journalistic standards are thrown out the window.

What frustrated me the most was the utterly insane comments from the Admitted Assaulter on the steps of the same courthouse where he’d pleaded guilty to assault only a few weeks before. According to the Admitted Assaulter, the only person to blame for the son allegedly beating the living suitcase out of another man, while "armed with a knife, baseball bat, hammer and spear". Where I come from that’s enough to have a person locked up. In this family it’s nothing but an aberration and the son isn’t to blame, it’s the state Premier. According to the Admitted Assaulter, the son had been affected, strongly by an alleged affair his mother claims she had with the Premier - which the Premier denies ever occurred, an alleged affair that ‘destroyed his family’ and ‘took its toll’ on the son. The Admitted Assaulter then went on to say that, "(the son) has watched the emotional, psychological and physical breakdown of the family... obviously, any teen is going to have some issues with that situation," he said. He's never been in trouble before ... if it had not been for the (alleged affair) issue, we would not be here."

Oh please. Cut me some slack and grow the fuck up already! To lay blame solely on one person in this case is nothing but the actions of a desperate or delusional person. If it were my kid I’d be blaming a number of issues, the child first and foremost, and at the age of 18 the child isn’t a child anymore and is responsible for his own actions, but blame should also fall upon the mother – she had the alleged affair after all – and the father, who, by bashing the Premier with a rolled up newspaper, brought this whole situation out into the public eye. Not to mention the numerous interviews, paid and otherwise, press conferences and media appearances conducted by both parties since that date. But no, according to the father, the blame lies with the Premier. I’d like to know what world he lives in.

Perhaps some anger management classes are in order here. The father gets done for assault; the son allegedly does the same. Both allegedly used weapons to enhance the assault and, in the case of the father at least, the assault come from behind and with no warning. That takes courage, to hit a man while he’s not looking.

All this has done is made me realise that the world and this election in particular, has gone to shit. There’s times when I wonder if I’d be better off out of it as I have absolutely no comprehension of which way is up and what is right and wrong anymore. With the election we have several parties, none of which have a clue as to what the general public want, engaging in the usual dirty tricks and making a mockery of Parliament. We have the incumbent party, so out of touch it’s not funny, and a party which wants to win but has no policies that make sense and seemingly no direction or home. It used to be easy, vote for the lesser of the two evils, but now there is no lesser, both are as bad as each other. We go to the vote this weekend and for the first time in my life I have no desire to vote for either party and as such I shan't vote. What I will do is enter the booth with a black marker pen and write a message, thus recording my protest vote for eternity. Then I’ll post an image of my words for the world to see.

Will it make any difference? Absolutely not. No politician cares a whit for what I think, nor my views, dreams, hopes or ambitions, nor do they care for yours either. All they want is to rule, get the perks, get the massive pension and the public can be damned. There shall be abuse this weekend at the polling booths, and God help them if I see the Awful Woman and the Admitted Assaulter when I walk in – after all I might give him a chance and tell him I’m about to let loose, but if I never see these people again then it’ll be none too soon. However this sordid saga is far from finished, and while one party can pay individuals via third parties, to engage in a strong (negative) campaign, then this will continue to drag itself across the papers like the limping dog it is.


Marty said...

You could always vote for the foetus or the guy who is sceptical about the existence of a climate.

Chad said...

Completely agree. There is no future for this state, only regression.
I had the unforunate experience of talking to a grey voter who tried to explain that we have the best system of governance and the best politicians for the job.
I had to walk away, it was just to sad.