Saturday, October 18, 2014

#313: Six Months In A Leaky Boat

Ahhhh yes, the new policy by the Liberal/National Party, as designed by the Prime Minister that nobody wants Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison, the (Anti) Immigration Minister. Welcome to the New Australia, a throwback to the Menzies Era of white people only.
In short, if you're not from England, white, preferably a racist who believes in all things English (ie: peers, lordships, knights, royalty etc etc) and can speak 'proper' English (that is, you have a 'posh' accent and can't say your 'r's pwopely) then you're just not welcome. Full stop. Stay away. The LNP don't care what violence, persecution or tyranny that you might be fleeing; they'll simply send you right back to where you came from, but only after telling the people you're fleeing from your name, your details and why you were running. While the rest of the world will, rightly, label you an Asylum Seeker, the LNP will call you an Illegal Immigrant.

But, if you're from England and you fly in then you're more than welcome to overstay your tourist visa, ignore the conditions of your visa and get a job that pays cash only (so you don't need to worry about taxes), exploit our medical system at no cost to you, but at a cost to the Australian taxpayer, go and get hands outs in the form of emergency money from Centerlink, emergency accommodation from various State run Housing authorities and generally do what you want. The LNP will call you a decent fellow instead of calling you what you really are - an Illegal Immigrant. An exception can be made for certain European countries and some Americans (North only - not those pesky South Americans). But, be sure that you can speak English, are a God-Fearing Christian and the more racist you are, the better. And no darkies. The LNP wants it's new Australians to be whiter than white, thank you very much.

And you fucking Russians can stay home too. Two Ton Tone is going to beat your man up, if he gets the chance.


Anonymous said...

Do you write this yourself or is it a reprint?

Personal Jesus said...

All mine.