Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#309: Don't Call Me Whitey

Lots of debate about freedom of speech and how people have the right to be bigots.  Good stuff too, anything that allows me to the freedom to upset Andrew Bolt without the fear of him demanding an apology for 'hurting his feelings' (the poor luv) the better.  Trust me, if the proposed changes are adopted, then watch me really unleash!

Nothing is more worrying that giving someone like me the freedom to write whatever the hell I want to. This could get very, very messy.

In amongst the many debates, people have been quoting the famous frog philosopher, Voltaire.  Now, allow me to help some of you out here.  For the record, Voltaire never said, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend the death your right to say it."  He also didn't say, "Yum yum, pigs bum, turn it into powder," either.  As far as I know. So, who said it? 

That'd be the relatively unknown Greek philosopher, Electrolux.

What Voltaire did say was, "Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too."  Now that quote gets perverted into the previous quote (no, not the pigs bum one) all too often by lazy students who did philosophy in their first year of Uni in order to impress girls.  These are the same people who once debated me and insisted that Voltaire was a brand of vacuum cleaner.

Thus this has been brought to you today by the 'Voltaire Is Not A Vacuum Cleaner Appreciation Society."

Next up, Crowley Quotes.  Do what thou wilt....

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