Tuesday, September 18, 2012

#304: Meet The Flintstones. Now Kill Them.

To further a recent discussion I'm having on that evil thing called Facebook...

It'd be nice to go just one day when I don't see someone trying to push some ignorant, misguided, hatemonging media racist's views down my throat? Be the US elections, be it the recent protests against the wankers who made the movie that attacks Muslims, be it anything - where is the tolerance these days? 

I was raised to accept everyone on their merits and not to hate anyone on the basis of their colour, creed or religion. Trust me, if I don't like someone it's due to their failings as a person, nothing more, nothing less. Eventually this world will implode beneath the racial hate and religious intolerance that it now wallows in. I'm not advocating love for all, but, by the maker, take a step back and stop believing everything that the media blowhards say. They know nothing more than anyone else and only appeal to the largely uneducated masses so they can keep their jobs. Use your brains people! 

Today a bald headed moron has written a hate filled screed attacking Muslims who were exercising their right to protest.  In most people's worlds it's perfectly acceptable for white Australians to riot and protest, but nobody else can do so, no matter what their religion, colour or creed.  It's a vicious cycle really.  But a here's something I'd like to share, and you can disagree with it all you want - go for it.

Rape.  As the Mother Of Jesus pointed out, there's an impression, fuelled by the media, that all Islamic people believe that, "...women deserved to be raped because of the way we dress!!!!"  Now I'm the first to agree that having such a stance isn't right, but then I've yet to meet one Islamic person that also agrees that women deserve to be raped due to the way that they dress.  Not one.  But to hide behind any excuse, especially religion, to justify rape is utterly wrong.  I'd like to say the following, the bulk of rapes in this country are done by white people who wear hoodies, so let's ban the hoodies and balaclavas. People have been raping others due to the way they dress since women started showing ankles.  The Hoodie doesn't hide behind religion thought, the hoodie hides behind something a lot more dangerous.  The Hoodie generally hides behind their upbringing, or blames a drug or alcohol addiction that they inflicted upon themselves, or blames society because they're too lazy to get a job and thinks the world owes them. The Hoodie blames everyone but themselves for their damage that they do.  Let's ban the Hoodie before we ban the Burqua.

Seriously.  When the media gets behind that, whioch they won't, instead of pushing racist, intolerant, anti-religious views that would have made Goebbels proud, then I might take notice.  Until then, don't believe what you hear - and keep your thickheaded views to yourself.  Nobody cares.


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