Thursday, June 14, 2012

#302: Ladies Night In Buffalo

Go ahead, name all of these guys- some of the finest men to grace the wrestling ring, ever, and some of the greatest duds of all time.

Ok, we all know Classy Freddie Blassie - our Patron fuck off you pencil neck geeks!

This little fucker wrestled back in the days when it was acceptable to call him a midget.  Now you say midget and people get the shits up, but it's alright to call someone a hillbilly or a retard - go figure.

Somehow I get the impression that this guy might have been gay.  If he wasn't then he should have been.  Life At The Outpost indeed!  Sean Delaney would have LOVED this dude.

Fuck it, let's call it as we see it - a hillbilly midget!!!
This man got more pussy than you ever will, and rightly so.  Say hello to Gorilla Monsoon.

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Anonymous said...

Very good. Heh, heh. No problems.