Monday, June 20, 2011

#267: Two Fools a Minute

If you could be a rock star then who would you be?  If you answered David Lee Roth then you’re in a shit load of trouble.  Sure, Roth has talent, he can sing (if you doubt the latter listen to Me Wise Magic by Van Halen, or any of his jazz material), he’s fairly attractive, gets loads of women, is rich and hangs around guitarists like Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai.  He travels the world, is known wherever he goes and can sleep in every day if he wants to.  He doesn't have to work anymore, in fact he can probably hire someone to wipe his arse if he felt the desire to do so.  So what’s the downside?

The downside is lunatics like this one bringing legal action against you.  According to this nut case Roth engages in some shady antics indeed, from spiking hot water containers at a local homeless shelter, to spiking Hillary Clinton and her staff, to controlling both the Democrats and Republicans at the executive level and being caught in ‘compromising positions’ with (now ex) President G.W. Bush.  That is when he’s not threatening to kills his father for bringing porn into the house whilst moonlighting as a paramedic.  And if you think that’s insane, try reading these court documents.  Roth is a Russian and also provided the Russians with the launch codes to the US nuclear arsenal, has cancer and often talks to himself.  And therein lies the price of fame – every screwball in the woodpile comes out to sue you, or claim that you’ve fathered their baby, slaughtered their pet budgie or eaten their hamster in a sandwich.

Keep the cash and fame Dave, I’ll be happy remaining poor and unknown.  However this case is one of the reasons why the US legal system is so clogged up – this cracker has kept this in front of the courts now for years, despite it being thrown out, the last time hopefully for the last time.  You can’t go past descriptions such as “…case-using-large-stomach-obvious-alcoholic Kenny Naatz”.  I’ve written stream of consciousness before, mainly as an experiment to see how it’d go, but nothing I’ve ever seen comes anywhere near this stuff, which reads like a Salvador Dali painting might – exhilarating, insane, confusing, vivid and, ultimately, not making any reasonable sense at all.  But, unlike Dali, this material doesn’t rise to the same heights as say The Persistence Of Memory, but, for fear of being labelled David Lee Roth, I wonder if this person is now getting the help she clearly needs.   

The entire saga was dismissed in December 2008, but the author has her own web-site.  Seek it out if you dare, remember, she’s being watched and her computers are being hacked by people in high places.  Like Vince Neil and some dickhead from Warrant.  Or even this fucking guy on the right.  And I'll be happy to give anyone a cookie if they can make any sense of out this shit and explain just what this idiot is saying.

And you thought your ex-girlfriend was a fucking looney - trust me, I've got ex's that are known for running me over, punching me out, braking bottles on my head, smashing windows, breaking into my houses, ripping me off - all kinds of crazy crap, but I'd have any of them back over this freak.

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Tone said...

Dave should tell her to go jump.