Monday, April 25, 2011

#261: War

As people remember ANZAC Day, also remember Winston Churchill. Due to his ignorance, intolerance, his lack of intelligence, military or otherwise, combined with his usual drunken incompetence, he treated a generation of Australians and New Zealanders like his own personal cannon fodder by insisting that they go forth to be massacred so that heroic English troops could land safely, drink cups of tea and avoid any hint of a fight.

Remember also that 15% of all Australians killed in World War I died at Gallipoli.  So the next time some cretin mentions the Royal Wedding, or asks that we all salute the Queen today, remind them that, without the utter stupidity and thevattitude that all Australians were inferior because we weren't English, we'd not have ANZAC Day.

I know which I'd rather.  And I have no issue with anyone who's gone to war, my issue has always been with the cowardly politicians and generals, those who sat behind the scenes and send children and young adults to fight their battles because they were too weak to do so themselves.  If wars were fought by those who declared them then we'd have no war.

Lest we forget, lest we forget all of the reasons.

And remember kiddies, ANZAC Day isn't about Collingwood and Essendon, no matter what Fat Ed would have you believe.

"Winston! The Australians are dying!"
"Fuck 'em, there's plenty more where they came from."

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Thank you!

It's disgusting the way Churchill has been sanctified, and there's a resurgence in imperialist history which tries to use him as a benchmark to evaluate others. The idea of a second front was a good one, considering the slaughter in the trenches, but EVERYthing else either went wrong or was doomed.

There should be a statue of Chamberlain in every Irish port he gave back to the Free State, which wouldn't have remained neutral if they'd been bombed.

Churchill should have done the Alllies a favour and switched sides. He got his due reward a month after VE Day -- voted out.