Tuesday, March 29, 2011

#258: Goin' On a Lion Hunt

They never had anything like this when I was in the Elizabeth Park Cubs.  I only went to the Scouts a few times before I totally lost interest and got annoyed with one of the guys there who I'm sure now has a paedobear sticker on the side mirror of his car, but that's another story.  More than once my older brother and I would skip Cubs and head over to the Elizabeth Park Chip Shop where we'd play pinball machines for an hour or so - yes, pinball machines.  Asteroids was a delight, so be glad you live in a modern world.

I did go on a few camps for the Cubs.  I suspect that I was shuffled off to these things mainly to get me out of the house and to give my mother some peace.  I enjoyed it because nobody was farting on my head or trying to beat the shit out of me just for breathing, and I had a couple of chums in the Cubs.  We did the Woodside camp - I remember that was fairly fun, especially the ghost stories and the various hunts.  What stuck with me was one of the Cub leaders who not so gently told us, as we were all running for the bed, that any kid who still pissed the bed would have to sleep on the bottom bunks so that they'd not get anyone else wet.  And we used to stash anything of value at the bottom (inside) of the sleeping bags, which was successful, but melted choccy and lollies that tasted like old socks wasn't much fun.  The Cub leaders weren't much chop, we'd often see them out late at night, the boys and girls mingling and wandering off to the trees.  But, as innocent as we were, nobody thought much of it.

We were taught about knots and crap like that, all of which I've now forgotten, much like the Algebra lessons that Harry Goyle used to insist that I'd recall later.  Sorry Harry, it's gone now and nobody has ever asked me to divide A into B since.  But the Cubs were an interesting diversion on a Monday night, but I am pissed off that I never got to go to this camp, and see Cold Chisel and Mickey Finn playing.  The best we got was an idiot playing an out of tune acoustic guitar singing 'The Ants Come Marching In'.  But then looking at the rules that people at this camp had to abide by, then it's probably a good thing.  I mean sleeping in your own bed?  No drugs or drinks?  Please!!!  And for those who like knowing the dates, it appears that Chisel played on 03/01/1979 - and would have played a set much the same as what appeared on their first album and the You're Thirteen EP.  Great, all of those little Cubs and Scouts sitting back listening to raw Chisel, and watching Barnes drinking copious amounts of grog and swearing.

No sir, Cubs wasn't like that where I was, and I was in bloody Cubs in 1978/79.  I was robbed!

Paedobear says, "Have a dart and pop in kiddie...I've got boiled lollies."
Yes, head to the woods if you want to have an encounter to remember
"Sorry Jimmy, no drinking on stage mate..."
And no spelling properly either

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F.W. DeKlerq said...

Back when I was a Cub, on the Woodside camps, when Baden-Powell was a youth, we were told that if anyone shit the bed then they'd be cleaning it up before breakfast. Considering some of the shit they served us, I think they cleaned their soiled sheets for breakfast...