Thursday, February 16, 2006

Keeping Score

At last count I Sick, I Go Home Now has had a total of 10 days off sick this year already. That's two entire working weeks that she hasn't turned up - add to that the half days that she takes off and you can probably throw an extra four days to that total. Incredible.

This is a person who managed to get a long term contract by not speaking English, by hanging up on people because she can't understand them, by being rude to clients, both in person and on the phone, by putting client's lives at risk by refusing to follow guidelines and safety nets that are in place in regards to domestic violence, by being a work-place bully and by simply refusing to do her work. As clerks we're expected to file - that's part of the job description. I Sick has refused to file to the point where, at her region, they have a filing roster to get that simple task done. Otherwise it'd just pile up until it hit the roof. In short she's the worker from Hell, and yet the Government, in all it's infinite wisdom, keeps her in employment and rewards her by extending her contract. The fact that she's been with us since 2002 and STILL has no idea how to do her job speaks volumes.

I've been told that I might be working with her again in the near future. Well this time I'll unload and let her know exactly what I think of her both professionally and personally. God help her if she starts screaming at me again - I don't need, nor do I have to tolerate, abuse from the likes of her.

In short she's every stereotype that you expect from a Government employee - lazy, slack and useless. And now she's running her department, but only when she can be bothered to turn up. I know why she's kept her job though, she's sleeping with a high ranking employee from another region...


Chade said...

What about her husband?

The Regional Support Clerk said...

He takes off just as many days as she does. Whenever one of them goes home, the other goes as well. If one phones in sick then it's a given that the other won't be in. They're both as slack and as useless as each other.

Makes me sick really.

Foilwoman said...

Maybe you should take a day off? Call in sick? Leave sick? Or there's enough of that going on already, I guess.

The Regional Support Clerk said...

I've never been a believer in taking a day off just because others are doing it. I've had, I think, two days off sick in six months. I Sick beat that in a week. I'd hate to tally up all her six days over the same time period, but I'm betting that if I did then they'd add up to around two full months lost to fake sickies.

What angers me is that management have done, and continue to do, absolutely nothing about this. In their own way they enable her to take all the fake sickies in the world - she's never been pulled up on it, and I doubt she ever will.

Chade said...

I meant, who is the Husband sleeping with so that they can keep their jobs?

Foilwoman said...

How many sick days does an employee get each year? I have one subordinate who, prior to my arrival on the scened (I'm such a hard-hearted bitch) earned and used 60 days of comp time in one year. Plus 12 additional sick and vacation days of leave. A total of 72 days off in one year. More than a day a week. I explained how we actually wanted her to do the job we were actually paying her to do.

She was shocked. No one had told her these "rules". Ish.

Chade said...

In Australia the standard rules are for days off with pay are:
20 days (four weeks) Annual Leave
8-15 days (depending on industry) sick or personal days.

Now with the Public Service it's a little different. In the PS you get paid rather decently and given a great deal of leeway in regard to your ethic due to cultural discrimination laws that have left the government open to rampant abuse. It's a sad thing when one can utilise their racial origins to abuse a system without recourse.